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That’s my actual last name. What kind of name is that any way? Well, unless you play golf or are forced to watch golf because you’re marrying a golfer you’ve probably never heard a last name that starts with two O’s. That’s because I was born and raised in South Africa, the country that is at the southern tip of Africa and which is almost as big as 2 Texases…


What does this mean for you on your wedding day? Absolutely nothing except that you’re probably going to detect an accent when I speak. So if you and your guests close your eyes you could imagine that you are having a destination wedding…awesome!

I began taking wedding pictures 8 years ago as a way to stay at home during the week to look after my first little girl. Since then the family has grown to 6 (which includes my wife and I) and the system seems to be working. I drive kids to school, dress Barbies and cook dinner during the week and on weekends I get to hang out with people (you) on the happiest day of their lives. Sweet!

I try to bring a sense of fun and ease to a day that can get a little hectic, whilst striving to provide you with amazing pictures of a day that is going to slip by way too quickly. I want you to look back at your wedding album over the years and remember how great your big day was and know that you made the correct decision when you hired me to capture it for you.

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