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Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequent question I hear is “So what is your style?”. By nature I am a fairly laid back person. I do not insert myself into situations and this carries over in the way that I document weddings. I realize that at times control is required, such as during family formal portraits, but I also believe that your wedding day is about you and your family and friends. I do not make the day about photo’s and my number one goal is to get you to your cocktail hour with as little delay as possible. If I had to use one word to describe my style it would be “unobtrusive”. I want you to see a collection of images that show the emotion and love that you and the people that you love experienced on your big day without ever intruding on the moment.

Here are a few questions that come up often in my meetings with clients.

Do we get the rights to all photographs and how many will there be?

I deliver around 100 images per hour shot. This is an average and will vary slightly depending on the way your day unfolds. All images will be shown in a web gallery at full size. You will be supplied with a download pin which will enable you to download a zip file of all images to your own computer.

Can I print my photos or share on Social Media?


Are there any restrictions on how we use our photos?

If you are going to have your pics published or if you would like to sell them please consult with me first. Image is everything in this business and I want to make sure that I know where my name is being used.

Do we need a Second Photographer?

I am more than happy to shoot your wedding alone. This ties into the whole “unobtrusive” theme of my coverage style. I do recommend a second photographer if photographs of the groom getting ready are important to you. We can discuss this further to come up with a solution that best suits you.

Will there be Black and White images in our collection?

Yes. I will give you a mix of both color and BW images. Some BW images will only be in BW but more often than not I give you both a color and BW version if I feel that BW is a good option for a given image.

We don’t want to do an engagement session, can we have a rebate?

The reason that I include engagement shoots in my wedding coverage is so that I can get to know you a little better before shooting your wedding. It gives you an opportunity to see how I work and gives me a chance to see how comfortable you are in front of my camera. If you really don’t want to do an engagement shoot how about letting me buy you dinner or at the very least a beer!

Are you insured?

Yes and I would be happy to provide your venue with a Certificate of Liability.

What is your booking and payment policy?

If you express interest in a date I will happily place that date on hold for you. If I have another inquiry for your date I will reach out to you before offering it to another couple. A retainer ensures I am all yours for your date and the remaining balance is due on or before your wedding date.

Can family members take pictures during the day?

Of course. This is your day and your guests are as excited about it as you are. I have no problem with this and sometimes it even adds to the fun.